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March 27, 2020

The Importance of Senior Photos

What Are Senior Portraits?

  Senior Portraits have come a long way in the past few years.  No Longer are you forced to settle for the mediocre school portraits where everyone has the same backdrop.  Modern Senior Portraits are ALL about celebrating the individual.

  Today’s youth are using their senior photos in a whole new light.  Their Senior Portraits are the perfect way for them to express their individual style and preserve who they are at this turning point in their lives.  Kacey’s Session was taken in downtown Salem, Virginia; her home town.  A devoted choir student, it was crucial that her letter for choir be included in her session.

Why Are Senior Portraits Such A Big Deal?

  Senior year is such a milestone for the student and the parent alike.  Marking the end of childhood, this year will be full of memorial events.  It’s often their last year at home with their parents.  The last year with the friends they’ve grown up with.  It may be the last year they play a sport that they love.  Let’s not forget, it’s also the year they become a legal adult!  Senior Portraits offer a way to commemorate all that they’ve done so far in life and celebrate what the future has has in store.  

What Products Are Best For Seniors?

  Honestly, there is no wrong way to display the images from your Senior Session.  You will never look back and say: “Dang! I wish I hadn’t print these photos!”  The most common purchased product for Seniors is the KDP Heirloom Fine Art Album.   Handmade in Poland and completely customizable to your taste, it is the perfect way to preserve your senior session.  Combining the Heirloom Album with Wall Art of your favorite image is the best combination in my opinion. 

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